Professional Learning Network (PLN)

Professional Learning Network (PLN) Popplet

Professional Learning Network’s (PLN) are essential for all teachers. Building connections and relationships with those you work with, helps to expand your knowledge base and grow professionally. Understanding whom you can go to for advice and guidance is important. With the many relationships and connections created you are able to share ideas, resources, and collaborative learning. Recently I read, “Teaching today is performed mostly in isolation. Many educators work alone, with littler interaction with professional colleagues or experts from the outside worlds.” (“National Educational Technology Plan,” 2010, p.39) Contrary to this statement, I am an extremely fortunate educator because I never work alone in my current position. As you can see from my mind-mapping graphic above, which I created, using Popplet, there are many sources I go to for information and individuals or groups I can rely on for help.

Many of the essential networks that I have created include my fellow colleagues, professional development opportunities and technology or social media platforms. Technology has allowed for collaboration to be on overdrive – the possibilities to be connected with educators around the globe are endless. Being newer to the profession I hope that I can continue to expand my Professional Learning Network. I strongly believe in teachers being life-long learners and what a better what to do it than interacting and collaborating with those within my network and outside.



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