Getting Things Done with Wunderlist

This week in CEP810 we explored the various digital options available for David Allen’s system of “Get Things Done”. Allen goes on to explain that our productivity is directly proportional to our ability to relax. “Only when our minds are clear and our thoughts are organized can we achieve effective productivity and unleash our creative potential” Allen (2001).

Immediately I was drawn to the app Wunderlist. I have used Evernote, GoogleDocs and Pinterest and I was excited to learn about something new. I began by downloading the app to my phone and creating an account on my computer. This free account/app makes managing multiple tasks effortless. Wunderlist is very straightforward to use and does not require any prior knowledge.


I decided to create various lists, which included, work, house and personal. After creating these lists I began to include the important things I need to get done. After completing the lists it was easy to move and prioritize each task. I was even able to set a reminder or assign a deadline for the tasks that were required on a given day “trash tomorrow”. I don’t think I have heard of a digital “honey-do” list, but that’s exactly what I created with my house list. One of the nice features allows you to share lists with others, which means my boyfriend was the perfect person to share the “house” list with. As I previously mentioned in a few posts, we recently moved into our first house and the things we want to clean, fix-up and buy are endless. Keeping all of our ideas straight is impossible and yet this app truly does provide a wonderful platform that can be used by many. So far, I am very pleased with this very affordable (free) app and the features it provides. Personally, by the time I completed my lists I had far too many tasks typed out and it seemed a bit overwhelming. I do wonder if there is a way that an excel list may be imported rather than typing out long lists on your phone? Regardless, I would highly recommend this app to family, friends and colleagues.

My biggest question now becomes how can I use it in the classroom?


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