21st – Century Lesson Plan

This week in my CEP810 course I created a lesson plan for the 21st century learner. In my 21st century lesson plan (here) my students are asked to create a short (2-3 minute) iMovie book trailer on the novel they have been reading in pairs. Each reading pair was based on their individual reading levels. The purpose of the book trailer is to work collaboratively together convince the listeners to read the book that they are recommending. This trailer is essentially a persuasive trailer to convince the class why they should read their specific book. The iMovie book trailer should cover important elements from the novel, including the plot, theme and conflict of the story. The iMovie trailer should include visuals aids, illustrations, or photos from the actual book. Each semester my student have been completing “book talks” in various forms (speech presentation, comic strip etc.) and now for their final project they are working in pairs.

Much of the lesson I have created as been centered around Renee Hobb’s 5 essential competencies of digital and media literacy. She describes the 5 fundamental literacy practices being access, analyze, create, reflect and act. My lesson encompasses these competencies in many ways. By creating a collaborative team of pairs, my students are asked to use technology to represent something that is not in digital form. They have to creatively think about the creation process from beginning to end. Of course, all students need some guidance and direction, which is why I provide them with modeling and guided practice along the way. One of the reasons I enjoy this lesson is that it allows me to see my student thinking and understanding of the important aspects of the novel they have read. They must reflect on their reading in order to provide graphics and text related to their story’s elements, which include the plot and theme. In addition, concluding the lesson they are asked to self-assess their progress using a provided rubric to ensure their own completion of the project. Take a look at the lesson and let me know what you think!


Hobbs, R. (2011). Digital and media literacy: Connecting culture and classroom. Thousand, Oaks, CA: Corwin/Sage.


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